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FOUND- We have found that in September of 2015 and it’s finally a Seller’s market again! Now you can put your house on the market and get the price you want, right??
FEEL- It feels logical that since the market is HOT again, you can list your house with any Realtor and its smooth sailing$$$.
FELT…Everyone has felt that they know a friend/ family /or Realtor in Brevard that can give a price/opinion for their house! Everyone has watched HGTV or other Real Estate Shows. Everyone knows exactly how you should get top dollar, right??
WOW!!….The TRUTH is unless you accept a “Cash-AS-IS” offer you are going to have to face the reality about the process of selling your house. Selling AS –IS does not mean you are off the hook!!!
OUCH…Perhaps you need to have a heart to heart talk with your Family, Friends, Realtor or perhaps yourself!
You need to educate yourself… You can’t just list your house AS-IS and get top dollar, it doesn’t work that way…Learn/Listen/List
So What is the Bottom Line?- You either have to bring your property up to marketable value, fix all repairs or accept something less than market value…You can’t have it both ways!
For a “Free, Confidential” no obligation evaluation of your property and your situation you can contact our firm.
We know you have many choices and we appreciate your time!
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