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Questions for Interviewing a Real Estate Agent to Sell Real Property through Probate, Trust and Conservatorship. We are committed to seamless service and are always available to manage your Probate/Trust/Conservatorship sale transactions!

A Probate-Trust Real Estate sale differs in many ways from a traditional real estate transaction. Asking pertinent questions can help you understand the process and determine which Realtor/Broker can best assist you in selling your probate or trust property. Be sure to consider the benefits of specialized knowledge and years of experience as you interview real estate Brokers.

Following is a list of questions to ask potential Realtors/Brokers.

Have you sold real property through a Probate or Trust? A Realtor/Broker may casually say “yes,” but be sure to ask for more details. Have they appeared in court representing the estate? How much of their business is focused on probate and trust sales?

How long have you been selling probate and trust real estate? You have already been involved with a stressful situation and are looking to completing that chapter of your life. Why do you want to take your time to train a Realtor/Broker on how the Probate or Trust process works?

Probate and trust real estate sales can be complicated, so it’s important to have a seasoned Realtor/Broker who has experience within this specialized marketplace. The Realtor/Broker must be familiar with unique disclosures as well as the terms of the Probate so they can handle the sale accurately and promptly.

They should have an established system for clear communication between the parties and be able to explain processes clearly. Additionally when dealing with probate and trust you need to work with a Broker that has strong negotiating skills. It is best if they not only have experience in these type of sales, but also have more than 10 years in the Real Estate business.

Representing Probate Real Estate IS different and you should hire a professional expert. Not every Realtor or Broker are experts in Probate and Trusts! Just like some Real Estate Professionals specialize in Waterfront, hire an expert who specializes in Probate/Trusts.

Do you have any references or testimonials I can see?  A Realtor or Broker who specializes in this niche market will take extra care and time to ensure a smooth transaction and good experience for the sellers/heirs/etc. If they don’t have any consider another person.

How is a probate/trust sale different from a typical real estate transaction? Probate and trust real estate requires special disclosures and listing agreements, diligent attention to probate law, and a unique marketing strategy.Some probate real estate requires court confirmation.Your Realtor/Broker should be familiar with court protocols and have good relationships with probate professionals, such as court personnel, probate attorneys, probate paralegals, administrators and other Brokers that specialize in this area.

What makes you different from other Realtors/Brokers? Look for an assertive Realtor/ Broker who can describe their services, their experience and what makes them unique. If a Realtor/Broker can’t think of anything that makes them different, then they are probably not going to be highly confident during negotiations.

Look for a Realtor/Broker that has a strong record of satisfied customers, effective communication and diverse marketing skills. As you’re asking questions, pay attention to how the Realtor/Broker listens to you and how thoroughly they answer your questions. Those are the skills they will take to every aspect of your transaction. Ask for references, understand the differences.

Are you a Realtor or Broker? The Realtor works for the Broker. The Realtor does not have the same level of education,expertise or experience as a Broker.

Do you have any special certifications or designations in this area of Real Estate? Not all Realtors or Brokers have taken the extra time to get additional education and experience in the area of Probate and Trusts. They may sell waterfront or golf course Real Estate and not clearly understand the major differences and complexities of Probate/Trust Real Estate.

What if a Realtor says they have experience, but their Broker does not? First you need to understand that a Realtor and Broker are not the same! The Broker owns the company and the Realtor reports to the Broker. The Realtor may seem to understand some of the process, but the Broker has the liability and needs to clearly be an expert to protect your interests!

How would you help me prepare the property for sale? This can be one of the most crucial questions that you will ask. Often probate and other estate properties are in need of work; often cosmetic. A professional Broker with a background in rehabilitating property will be the one that is best to guide you in this area. Few Brokers have ability and knowledge with this, but one who does will be able to guide you and often save you much money if repairs are to be made prior to sale.

A Broker with a experience and expertise in construction would be the best of all worlds, however not easy to find. A good Probate Broker will also have all the necessary contacts to offer ESTATE SALE services, manage any accounting and help with other particular needs the Estate may have.

How do you market probate and trust real estate? Since this type of sale is different from a traditional sale, the Broker should be prepared to present aggressive marking tactics – even after the initial offer has been accepted. In some cases, the real property may be in a different location than the seller. Be sure to ask the Broker how they will handle the marketing under those circumstances.

Do you have the ability to purchase my property for CASH? Generally there are two types of scenarios when handling Probate/Trust Real Estate. You have Brokers/Realtors who only want to list your property. You have investment companies who only want to buy your house cash/fast/cheap. The best scenario is to find a Real Estate Brokerage firm that can offer you options!

Ask Yourself this question?Do you want to sell the property cash fast or do you want to list the property and do the repairs/rehab and pay holding costs?

Do you have samples of documents that I would have to sign or read? The Broker should have the most current contract documentation and disclosure forms for real property transactions. They should be willing to give you copies of these documents and to provide straightforward explanations in non-technical terms. During the course of a probate or trust real property sale, an Broker is often called upon to explain the process and paperwork to clients, lawyers, accountants, trustees and administrators, so you want to be sure their explanations are clear and complete.

Asking these pointed questions will save you time, money and frustration. Selling real property through probate and trust requires an artful balance of the right people and the right tools. Your Broker should be able to handle the offer and all the paperwork for the entire real estate transaction from beginning to end, seamlessly.

Can’t I just sell the property AS IS and not worry about any repairs? In Florida the Mortgage and Insurance Companies generally require specific condition of each property. So if you have a roof with less than 3 years of life left the buyer won’t be able to get a mortgage or insurance and the Appraisal will be an issue.

So what does that mean to you? It means you either repair it (they require it done usually before closing), loose the buyer after you had the property off the market, or don’t sell AS IS. There are several ways to handle a sale and you need to understand your choices and not just hire a Realtor who will sell it AS IS. Know what is right for you, every property is unique and needs to be handled accordingly.


Can a Probate Realtor really help me? These are a lot of questions I run across. Probate happens when there is a death in the family and the deceased person’s properties are sold or dealt with according to the local law and code. This can mean much legal proceedings and can take some time. The last thing a person needs is to be confused and frustrated along the way.

Do you need a Probate Realtor? Using a local Probate Realtor will not only explain everything but help you through it and also conduct a lot of the work for you that you would end up doing yourself. There are a lot of extra steps done on your behalf that will save you time and money..

You’re in probate if you are now or will be an executor of any estate. If you are the one handling the properties and personal belongings of a deceased friend or relative you will need to sift through the details and if there is no will, you must deal with probate with the court systems for the property or items.

How does a Probate Realtor or Broker really help? There are numerous details that accompany a probate proceeding. Without knowing the changing laws and codes, it can be difficult if not impossible to keep current. Using a Probate Realtor that specializes in helping families organize, handle all the court proceedings and make sure all the details are covered is not only a weight of your back but will also help the process proceed much quicker.

A Probate Real Estate Broker will help fix issues with the home including getting inspections, bids, repairs, upgrades and consultations. A probate Realtor will invest their time and money to make sure your home sells quickly for the most money the market can bear. Using a probate Realtor will typically allow repairs and corrections to be made before the home sells and not have to worry about payment until after closing. This can be a huge weight off a family that just can’t afford to spend any more money until the home sells.

Probate Realtor or Broker will help families sell estates quickly and easier than if they had to handle all the details themselves. We often deal directly with the court systems and lawyers to give you a break in the proceedings. We answer questions and explain steps that are necessary in completing the transactions.

Do I have to wait until Probate is over to sell the Property? This is a complex transaction and that is why most other Realtor s will say no and most attorney’s will say that  you may not be able to. However, that is usually just an easy answer so you don’t pursue anything else. However, we have found many buyers and have closed many properties while still in Escrow. We can discuss the specifics of your Probate Estate and determine which solution works for you.

What if I am living in the property that is in Probate or a Trust? The advantage to working with an experienced Probate Realtor or Broker is they know how to work with the court system, and can help you determine where and when is the most appropriate time and area to move. They can even help you find another location if that is most beneficial to you.


  • If you have sold your own Probate Real Estate previously, recently and have handled all your own legal and financial issues related to the disposition of Real Property than you might be able to sell your inherited property. HOWEVER, we  have found that most individuals and families really need to have a Professional PROBATE REAL ESTATE BROKER work on their behalf. GEIGER GOULD PROPERTIES specializes in PROBATE REAL ESTATE, we are PROBATE REAL ESTATE BROKERS in BREVARD COUNTY FL.
  • This is not a part time hobby, we are full time Professionals and this is all we do! We understand the various steps that are involved with settling an estate, we are experienced in handling the different aspects of listing/marketing/selling Probate Real Estate, Selling of Personal Property, working with Attorney’s and the local court system. WE don’t just handle a few Probate Listings, this is all we do…There are many steps to getting an Estate ready to market. We are talking about selling the property not listing the property. If you want the best solution for your situation, call us and we will determine the best strategy for you.