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Everyone knows that when it comes to selling a home the main thing that buyers and sellers are concerned with is price!! Homeowners are looking to get as much as possible for the sale while Homebuyers are looking to get the best deal.

Even though everyone’s interests are different it is not impossible to obtain a win/win situation for all…That is if you are not greedy and understand that negotiations are normal and not to get insulted.

If the price is too high or the house does not have the features buyers are looking for, then it can sit on the market for months. Eventually it will draw no activity whatsoever. This is a waste of everyone’s time and resources. To get the sale of your home back on track you will need to make some major decisions and concessions.

  • Can you afford to make repairs and improvements?
  • Do you have the staying power to sell the property?
  • Are you willing to be flexible with showing times and leave!
  • Do you want to sell fast AS IS NOW and for CASH?

When setting the price the best you will be able to do is be honest with the interior/exterior condition of the home. Check all internet sites for a baseline, then contact a Realtor for a CMA and they will adjust the pricing accordingly.

In the end it is often the buyer who determines the selling price. So as a seller it is important to understand what the market is doing in your area and what a reasonable selling price would be.

At the end of the day it sometimes pays to make the repairs and/or improvements if you want top dollar for your home. On the other hand if time and money are a factor and you need to move on to another chapter of your life, you can sell AS IS for CASH. Check with a trusted reliable experienced Realtor who can help navigate what is in your best interest.

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