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Specializing in Senior Downsizing & Probate Real Estate in Brevard County, Florida

Probate / Trusts

Have you inherited property through Probate or a Trust?

Geiger Gould Properties has been involved in assisting families sell their Personal and Real Estate Probate / Trusts  since 2003. Prior to that we have been involved in buying/selling our own Probate Real Estate. Our expertise includes the complexities of working with Probate / Trusts transactions as well as investors.

We offer effective and Pro-active marketing plans to sell your property, arrange Estate Sales and any other related transactions associated with inherited properties. We are Certified Probate Real Estate Specialists and Senior Real Estate Specialists.

GEIGER GOULD PROPERTIES is a Real Estate Brokerage firm with a special purpose and expertise that focuses on PROBATE / TRUSTS  REAL ESTATE in BREVARD COUNTY FLORIDA. We specialize in Selling Probate properties, understanding the subtle nuances, sensitivities and technical know how of this complicated process all while making this overall transaction and liquidation easy for each party involved.

What does that mean for you? We understand and are experienced in working with Conservators, Personal Representatives, Heirs, Attorneys, Accountants and other related individuals. Our goal is to help alleviate your stress level and get your property sold! We understand how to coordinate with the different parties involved and provide you with options.


  • List and Sell the property 
  • Pay Cash, AS IS, no inspections, close quickly
  • Work with Attorneys
  • Court Appearances if required
  • Free Home Evaluation
  • Free CMA
  • Estate Sale Coordination
  • Appraisals & Liquidations
  • Rehab and Repairs coordination if desired
  • Clean out interiors/exterior coordination services
  • Probate Buyers Network- CASH BUYERS
  • Top Listing Dollar if want to sell Retail
  • Professional Negotiations skills and experience
  • Extensive Internet Marketing
  • Coordination of internal/exterior home preparations

What to consider when selling inherited Probate/Trust Real Estate

Mistakes to Avoid when Listing Your Home for Sale

  1. Set your asking price too high. This is the number one mistake that sellers make. A high asking price dramatically reduces the number of qualified buyers (and their agents) who will look at or consider your house and it lengthens the time the house will remain on the market unsold.
  2. A slightly-below-market asking price significantly increases buyer activity and may even generate multiple offers that bring the selling price up to the seller’s original hoped-for amount! Often times it is best to sell the home and put this behind you.
  3. Rely on out-of-date information. In a volatile marketplace, comparable sales from last year or sometimes even last month may be too old to be valuable. Be sure to examine figures for properties near yours that have similar attributes and have sold recently; asking prices have little significance—rely on recent sales only.
  4. Don’t read the fine print. You’ve heard the expression “Buyer beware”? Well, the same goes for sellers! Read every document carefully and ask for explanations of any terms you don’t understand. There are no stupid questions when it comes to contracts. Your real estate agent should be able to give you clear explanations; if not, you might question whether they have the skills to represent you! EXAMPLE: “AS IS CONTRACTS” ARE NOT ALWAYS AS IS. You need an experienced Probate Broker.
  5. Dismiss the importance of “online curb appeal.” Today’s tech-savvy buyers begin their home search online and photographs are the first thing they look at. Make sure the photos show your property clearly. Appeal to buyers by posting pictures of one or two things you consider really special about your home
  6. Represent yourself. Many homeowners think they will save money by listing their home for sale without the benefit of a real estate agent. In fact the opposite is true. Not only do such owners increase their stress and compromise their security, they end up netting less than those who enlist—and pay for—the services of a skilled agent.
  7. Not understanding how the condition of Property will effect the Mortgage and Insurance issues associated with a buyer. Florida has tough laws regarding condition!
  8. Confusing what you see on Home Improvement shows to the facts associated with your property.
  9. Wanting to sell for CASH, but not being realistic on the amount.

Consider working with an experienced REAL ESTATE PROBATE BROKER who understands all of the steps in the process, what options are available to you.

Do you want to sell fast for cash?

Do you want to Rehab and can you afford costs and carrying charges?

Do you want to be a landlord?

Do you have the staying power and are willing to wait for top dollar?

Do you want to sell any Personal Belongings?

What about the Art Work or other valuables?

What about the Cars / Boats / Trucks/etc.?

What about shipping to out of state heirs?

PETS…..PLEASE we can help??

Will you be able to coordinate from out of state?