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Before you list your property for sale, be sure to take the time to prepare and safe guard your home! Most people who view your home will be honest, but it is always better to be safe than sorry! This is meant as a way to help you stay secure not fearful of selling your home.
1. Prescription Drugs: Remove or lock them up while the house is on the market or at least prior to showings! There are a growing number of thefts of prescription drugs, especially during open houses
2. Stow away Valuables: Take an inventory and tour of your home, write a list of valuables insured and not insured.
If you have a large selection of valuables you have a few options: remove, lock up and replace with less expensive items, or make sure your agent meets clients.
Lock up the coin collection, jewelry, porcelain and small valuable items that can fit in clothing, or purses. Realtors can assist you but can’t protect you from everything.
3. Remove Family Photos: When you remove the family photos you can stage your home more effectively and don’t create an opportunity for identity theft or worse.
4. Make the house safe for all Agents and Buyers: Turn on the lights prior to all showings-whether it is daytime or evening and that includes closets, garage, outside, patio, spotlights and every room in the house, open all blinds and draperies. No exception to this!!
5. Keep the house locked at all times: If you have an alarm systems use it, if not consider extra monitoring. Doors must be kept locked at all times; the public may just walk in and attract intruders. Put extra locks on windows and patio doors. Motion senor lights are a good option.
6. Beware of unexpected visitors coming to your doorstep.
If you do not have a confirmed appointment does not open the door and do not let anyone take a look inside. Only Real Estate Professionals who have access to Supra ELB should be allowed in. Do not trust having a coded lockbox that someone can attempt to read and get back in.

If you would like to learn about more ways to secure your home or if you are considering selling your home; contact Nanci Gould-Geiger Gould Properties-321-549-8707


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