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The Real Estate statistics show that 45% of homeowners would prefer NOT to sell their homes and move. Yet over 78% of Real Estate transactions are from homeowners who are downsizing, upsizing or rightsizing. The remaining amounts are first time home buyers.

So how do you determine what is the right move for you?

  • Small changes are better than big ones! Start by taking small steps cleaning out closets, junk drawers, cabinets and the garage. Give your children and/or grandchildren items of value. This will save inheritance issues later on! Donate unwanted items to various charities including animal charities. This process will clear your mind; resolve issues later on for your family and you will be doing a good cause for others. If you still have a lot of “stuff” left you can arrange for an Estate Sale and make some extra money.
  • Review the last six months of your household expense$.


    1. Are you spending money on house repairs or upgrades? Do you have a good relationship with the handyman or other repair people? Are you saving money living in your home or are you taking money from your savings for your home? Owning home costs money, but if owning a home becomes more of a burden or chore then it’s time to think about your lifestyle.
  • Is your home the appropriate size and in the right location?If you enjoy the yard, pool, electric bill and can afford it then you may want to stay. However, if you find you don’t use all the rooms, pool and yard, maybe you could use the extra money for income, travel or more secure lifestyle. 


    1. The market is greatly improved and now may be a good time to sell your home and downsize your “stuff”.
    2. Many Baby Boomers and Seniors believe they need to keep their large home for the few times a year they have visitors.
  • Share your thoughts of moving with another person.  


    1. There is another reason for sharing your goals; it may fit into another’s goals. Just thinking and discussing the idea to another person could provide you with other viewpoints. It is therapeutic and you may discover that by changing your lifestyle you may improve your situation and that of others.
  • Start with the above steps and keep a journal or a list. Just knowing that you have choices will help relieve some of the confusion, depression and overwhelming uncertainty. You want this to be your idea now while you can make the decisions. You don’t want to wait until something catastrophic occurs and it is someone else’s idea about what is in your best interest.


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