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CPRES stands for Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist.

Brevard County Residents have a new option when it comes to selecting a Real Estate Professional to handle their inherited Real Estate!
There are a large number of Probate filings in the local Courts, this is a complicated process with significant consequences, and it requires that Executors/Personal Representatives and Administrators have the knowledgeable resources to facilitate the marketing and sale of the real property. A CPRES understands and works within the Probate Court System, can work closely with Attorneys, heirs and recommend and orchestrate Estate Sales, transfer of property and help to effectively negotiate and sell the inherited property.
A Certified Probate Realtor Specialist (CPRES) has the extra training, education and hands on expertise in the listing/selling of Probate Inherited Real Estate! They understand the complications, process, and the best practices necessary to navigate the transaction to completion and help the estate settle effectively.
It all begins with a proper evaluation of the property and getting the facts and circumstances of the Probate Estate. The next step is determining the role of the Executor/Administrator and what their objectives are and their financial resources. At this point determination of potential repairs will be professionally evaluated. This is a critical step to ensure a new buyer will be able to obtain insurance and a mortgage with an AS IS contract.
Nanci E. Gould-Broker-Geiger Gould Properties has earned her CPRES and can walk you through the process and help you understand the decisions you face and how to effectively work within the Probate System.
Geiger Gould Properties can work in conjunction with your Attorney or refer you to our network of experienced professional Attorneys who specialize in Probate. The goal is to achieve the highest of returns with great understanding, transparency, and compassion. This is what we do and have the expertise, experience and energy to help you settle your estate today.
Please feel free to contact us today and ensure the peace-of-mind tomorrow. Nanci E. Gould, Broker–Geiger Gould Properties, CPRES, SRES, CDPE 321-549-8707

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