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So you have been thinking of selling your house and want to get it listed and sold ASAP. Well before you just go ahead and list it, here are some very important items to consider increasing your bottom line $$.

First understand that most buyers today are purchasing homes with a Mortgage. The Banks/Mortgage Brokers all require that the property is insurable and financeable. It becomes even more difficult if you accept FHA/VA.

In order for the property to be financeable it must first be insurable!

Many sellers falsely believe that is they sell their home “AS-IS “they will not have to worry about making repairs. This is not true and you don’t want to be surprised after you receive an offer on your home!

Most experienced Realtors should recommend that you have an inspection and/or make repairs if you are seeking top value. If not, then you need to be realistic that once a buyer completes an inspection there is a very strong possibility that repairs will need to be made in order for the buyers to obtain a mortgage. In some cases depending on the repair a credit may be allowed to be issued but it still will cost you.

The following is meant to be a guideline in understanding the true value of your home and what it takes to sell for top dollar.

  • Roof-You must have at least 3 years of life left and no leaks.
  • Electrical-The electrical panel must meet current code and may have to be updated or replaced.
  • Plumbing-There can be no leaks, blockage or old piping.
  • AC/Heat-The unit must be working efficiently and have life left.
  • Foundation-Must have a sound foundation no major cracks.
  • Windows-Nothing can be broken or cracked or need repairs.
  • Garage-The doors must work and not be in need repairs.

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